what’s all the hype about Cloud Computing

So what’s all the hype about cloud computing? Isn’t it just more information technology fancy wording? We have to agree that a significant change is now happening and I think we’ve got big stuff coming.  Information Technology (IT) has simply generated an important change in the way organizations used to operate. Once the IT management team noticed IT was not only a tool related to wires, plugs and connections, but rather a way to cooperate, contribute and help the business units to get their operations and results in a timely and responsive manner, with accuracy and speed, things started to change.

Why this change in the IT environment and how did it happen so fast? Now IT is considered a critical part of company’s organization. The huge requirements organizations must accomplish is not related to information itself, but rather processing  the monster amount of data that finance, engineering, marketing, sales, and other business units, generates for the corporation. A necessary upgrade was made and today IT is known as Business Technology (BT).

Now facing the information era, it’s not a big deal to have data—information is more significant for the organization. And BT provides this capability: it helps both technology crews and business executives to trace common strategies and to reach their combined goals.

BT is all about how people, process and technology go together on the same direction to effectively support business outcomes, not only for IT organizations, but every enterprise. Hence, this brings a broader perspective to the traditional IT scope: getting less oriented on technology (how weird does that sound?) and more focused on how it helps to the business.

After the economic crisis we experienced, detractors of BT argued there was no point of investing into infrastructure (as hardware, buildings and people). But from the bottom of all technology rose Cloud Computing. The Cloud brings a unique perspective in the era of Internet about how to use the resources and it forces transversal change of mind about how storage is made and how to run applications.

It is called “The Cloud” because the data and applications are all on the Web, hosted not on an individual desktop computer but a group of servers and computers dedicated to this purpose. The basic idea for Cloud Computing is to have group collaboration systems inside the company.

And so what’s all the hype about?  Sure there is excitement out there, but when you look at the technology in scope with the information age, you see it’s all just part of the transformation process.


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